Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Semicolon's Author Celebration - EVENT

Hosted by Sherry at Semicolon

Sherry is hosting the Author Celebration event. She writes:

So, I thought why not have blogosphere-wide celebration for certain of my favorite authors on their birthdays? I pick an author with an upcoming birthday, let folks know about the celebration, and if you enjoy that author too, you can post about his/her books: reviews, the time you met Author X, or whatever is related to that particular author, maybe a list of read-alikes for other adoring fans.

The first celebration will be held on June 26th for author Charlotte Zolotow. Other upcoming celebrations (always held on a Thursday) are:

July 10: John Calvin, b. 1509.
July 17: Isaac Watts, b.1674.
July 24: Alexandre Dumas, pere, b.1802.
August 7: Betsy Byars, b.1928.
August 28: Tasha Tudor, b.1915, d.2008.

Sherry has posted these in the sidebar of her Semicolon blog. To join in, subscribe to Sherry's feed and watch her blog for future announcements.