Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Refer a Book Weekend - EVENT

Hosted by Confuzzled Books

UPDATE MARCH 17, 2009:

This event has been modified to REFER A BOOK WEEKEND - giving participants ALL weekend to make their referrals!


Shannon at Confuzzled Books is hosting a weekly event. Refer a Book Friday is centered around readers giving Shannon referrals to books they love...and in doing so will be eligible to win a book in return.

Shannon writes:
I will give everyone a chance to Recommend a book for me to Read & Review. They can Recommend a book by posting their pick on their blog first and then post a link to it in the comments to the contest. You will also have to tell me why you picked the book and why you think I would like it, or if you have a review just link the review. Recommending will last the whole day Friday and then Saturday I will announce the book and who picked it. The winner will get a chance to win a book I have available or they have a choice to pick something from there own wish list.
To play, go to Confuzzled Books each Friday and post a recommendation.