Saturday, March 28, 2009

Polyglot Agatha Reading Challenge

April 1 - December 31, 2009

Scribacchina of Parole is hosting the Poloyglot Agatha Reading Challenge. She writes:

I intend it as a very low-pressure challenge, basically there is only one rule: you commit to reading at least one book by Agatha in a language other than your own. It may be your high-school French, your grandparents’ Polish, your fiancĂ©’s Chinese, a new language that you want to pick up, whatever.

  1. You can sign up anytime.
  2. When you read a book for the challenge, tell Scribacchina about it (either in a blog post or in a comment on the post about the challenge) what you learned from it. She is not so much interested in reviews, but would like to know which new words or turns of phrase you discovered. This is entirely optional.
  3. At the beginning of April, Scribacchina will set up a special post to collect comments and links after you read your books.
There is a special giveaway for people who sign up by March 31st.

There is a giveaway for people who link to this challenge in their blogs by March 31.
More giveaways will come during the challenge months.
To learn more and to sign up or leave comments to be eligible for prizes, visit the post about the challenge.