Monday, January 25, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays

Weekly Event on Fridays

Tif Talks Books is host a weekly event, Fairy Tale Fridays.  Here's what she says:

I am excited to announce my new feature,
Fairy Tale Fridays!

In 2009, I read The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. Connolly put a spin on the classic fairy tales to create a gripping and entertaining modern tale of his own. I fell in love with the book, have continued to think about it, and have decided that I want to explore fairy tales in more depth in the coming year. The result: Fairy Tale Fridays!!

Every week, a fairy tale will be highlighted and discussed, from Hans Christian Anderson to The Brothers Grimm to even a multitude of tales from around the world. I may even throw in a fable or two to mix things up as well as opportunities to highlight your favorite tales from more recent authors. I encourage others to read the stories along with me, whether they may be the original or the more family-friendly children versions (with your child!), and then write a little something regarding your thoughts. These thoughts can include: Which version did you read? How does it compare to the children's version? Are they what you remember as a child? Do you have a recommended recent read that was inspired by this tale? It's really up to you to take it and be creative!!

Here are some additional guidelines:

  • When participating, I ask that you link back to the weekly post here at Tif Talks Books. Feel free to grab the fun button as well so all participants will quickly recognize the feature!
  • You can choose to participate every week, every other week, once a month, etc. . . . it is truly up to you when you want to join in! There is no minimum participation required.
  • Last, but not least, be creative and have fun!!
To join, go to Fairy Tale Fridays.