Monday, January 4, 2010

Madeleine L'Engle Read-Along

January 2 - 31, 2010

Kelly of The Written Word is hosting the Madeleine L'Engle Read-Along.  Here's what she says:

I am a little late, but believe it or not I am hosting a read-along for A Wrinkle in Time during January. I tentatively mentioned it back in December, but I need to announce it officially and lay out a few guidelines. I hope that people will join in!

Here is what I was thinking. I plan to read all five books in her Time Series. The first, A Wrinkle in Time, is the first book in the series. The aim is to read that in January. The great thing is that it counts for Carl's Sci-fi Experience, or, like me, it is a reread and counts for the reread challenge hosted by Aarti. And, actually, Meg is a strong female character, so she could work for the Unbound Challenge. If you plan to read-along you have 30 days to read it and it is not really all that long of a book.


  • You have until January 31st to finish the book.
  • On January 15th I will post a place to talk about spoiler-related things. Things you want to talk about but can't mention in your review.
  • The reviews should aim to be finished on the last week of January because I want to have questions that everyone answers in their posts and people need to have time to come up with them.
  • For a sense of community I am hoping that people will come up with questions about the book. I am hoping to have them all by the 20th so I can post them and people can write their reviews. Even if you take the whole month to read the book I hope you will come up with questions. Send in a few so there are some variety. It isn't much fun if people send the same questions over and over again. How you choose to use the questions (and whether you choose to use all of them) is up to you.
  • When I post the questions on the 20th, I will also post a place to post links to your reviews.
To join, go to Madeleine L'Engle Read-Along.