Monday, January 18, 2010

New Dogeared Reading Challenge

January 12 - December 15, 2010

DogEar Diary is hosting the New Dogeared Reading Challenge.  Here's what she says:

This reading challenge is about appreciating the old, worn-out and beat-up books we come across. They're out there, and perhaps they're feeling neglected- hoping they don't get shuffled long enough to end up in the recycling (or worse, trash). So let's give them some love! For the Dogeared Challenge, you have to read dog-eared, torn, stained, winkled, falling-apart or otherwise in-bad-condition books.

These can be
manhandled books, from public libraries, used bookstores, etc that have passed through many readers' hands already.

They can be
old copies, books which have been in print for a long, long time yet still hold together (I'm thinking anything printed earlier than 1920).

They can be
well-loved books that you've read so many times since childhood the pages are barely intact (I've known a few to be held together with rubber bands to keep the pages from getting lost).

They can be
abused books, ones that get their pages bent, edges scuffed, laid down on their faces, coffee spilled on them, etc.


 - You must read 10 (or more) books that fit the criteria. The older, more neglected, worn-out they are, the better! 
 - Can be crossed over with any other reading challenge.
 - Make a list to start with, or find the books as you go.
 - The genre or subject is entirely up to you.
 - Re-reads are fine, as long as it's been several years since the last time.
 - Books must
already be in poor condition. Please don't beat up a book while you read it, just to count it for this challenge. Treat your worn-out books gently, and hopefully they can be read again and again. 
 - If you want to, post about the worn books you read on your blog and share photos of the actual copy you have in hand. If you don't have a blog, you can share about your experience in comments on the posts I will be making for this challenge throughout the year (watch my sidebar). 

Optional: To add to the fun, you can evaluate the wear and tear each book you read is suffering from, and there will be a little contest to accumulate "damage points" for your books. (Winner will be required to share photos showing the condition of the books they read).

So here's how to participate:

Worn and Weary: Commit to read 10 or more obviously worn books. The more worn-out, the better!

Tattered and Torn: Read 10 or more very worn books, and count up damage points accordingly. Over 50 points will get you entered into the drawing for a prize.

The Most Battered Book: A separate contest will run for the one most beat-up book read this year. If you find and read a book in
really awful condition, share a photo of your copy! Email your photos and a brief description to jeanenevarez (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll published the photos here on the blog as they come in, and at the end of the year we'll vote for which book has the wost condition.

Note: if you don't want to sign up for the Dogeared Reading Challenge, but just happen to come across and read a really tattered book during the year, you're still welcome to enter the Most Battered Book contest. Simply email me your photo and description.


Completely Dogeared
Everyone who completes the reading challenge will be entered into a drawing for this prize: Your pick of any 2 books off my "swap shelf" or 2 Book Mooch points, plus a collection of 10 bookmarks I've found in used books (most featuring bookshops).

Utterly Decrepit
Everyone who completes the challenge and tallies more than 50 damage points for the condition of their books, will be entered into a drawing for this prize: 10 mylar sleeves to protect your dust jackets, a manual on book care/repair, and a custom-made jacket by me to cover one of your own "naked" hardbound books.

Most Battered Book
Winner chosen by popular vote, from submitted photos of beat-up books read during the challenge: $20 gift card at Powell's Books.

To Join, go to New Dogeared Reading Challenge.