Monday, January 18, 2010

Clover Bee & Reverie: A Poetry Challenge

January 9 - December 31, 2010

Jason is hosting the Clover Bee & Reverie: A Poetry Challenge.  Here's what he says:

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage more people to read and enjoy books of poetry.

There are four levels of participation:

Couplet: Read 2 books of poetry

Limerick: Read 5 books of poetry, and finish at least one badge

Octave: Read 8 books of poetry, and finish at least two badges

Sonnet: Read 14 books of poetry, and finish two badges, and one expert badge

What is a badge? A badge just means you need to read two books of poetry that are connected in some way: same time period, some subject matter, same form, same author, etc. An expert badge means four books, same constraints. Some possible badges:

Light Verse or Humorous Verse
Folk Poetry/Folk Songs
Epic Poetry / Long Poetry
Translated Poetry
Beat Poetry
Ancient Greece and Rome
Asian Poetry
Victorian Poetry
19th Century American
Age of Reason
Contemporary Poetry
Narrative poetry
Prose poetry
Political Poetry
Minority Poetry

If you have another interest not listed here, let us know, we'll add it to the list.

Finally - the Free Verse Option. We know that some people want to read lots of poems from lots of different authors. Because of this, we've set up an equivalency: 20 individual poems = one book of poetry. So, if you WANTED to, for instance, for the couplet level, you could just read 40 individual poems, instead of two books of poems.

To join, go to Clover Bee & Reverie: A Poetry Challenge.