Tuesday, March 30, 2010


April 30, 2010

Lynda is hosting this one day event called Blogmania.  It doesn't appear that she is hosting this on a blog, but here is how it will work:

BLOGMANIA is a one day event on April 30. The idea is to promote your blog and in the process find some new to you blogs and maybe get a few more followers.

Free to join in and make this event even bigger!

Want to know how to join
BLOGMANIA? Sure you do!!!

1. Register to participate in the
BLOGMANIA by sending an email to btlblog@lyndacoker.com
(Give the name of your blog, its URL address, your full name, and email address.)

2. Post the
BLOGMANIA post on April 30th. (You may use the one provided or design one of your own. )

Include the blog links that will be provided to you. (These will be links to blogs that have registered to take part in this blog extravaganza. The number of links to be posted will depend on the number of registered blogs we have. ) You will be sent the blog links to be included in your post at least 3-7 days in advance.

3. Prepare a really special
BLOGMANIA Giveaway that will be valid for one day only, April 30th, and be sure to post it early on that day for best results. State your giveaway requirements clearly and BE SURE TO FOLLOW THROUGH). Of course, in addition to the special giveaway, you will probably receive many more entries in your existing giveaways, so be sure they are clearly positioned for easy access.

4. Promote the event on your blog, social sites, groups, etc. The more we get the word out, the more drive-bys will have. Be sure to make it clear that they must visit on April 30th to qualify for the

5. Try to make the qualifications for your
BLOGMANIA GIVEAWAY as simple as possible. If visitors don’t have to do a zillion things to qualify, this will encourage them to keep progressing through to other blogs. Perhaps becoming a blog follower and leaving a comment is sufficient. You decide, but please keep it simple.

Lynda has opened a
BLOGMANIA group at Ning's Book Blogsso that it will be easy for participating bloggers to communicate with each other and answer questions, etc. She will be posting a jpg file and html code for the BLOGMANIA BADGE for anyone who wishes to use it.

The next scheduled
BLOGMANIA will be September 15, 2010. It’s not too early to register or to start thinking about your special giveaway for that event. Be sure to register by emailing Lynda Coker