Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Discovering Our Roots

May 15-August 15
Veronika of Worth the Search is considering hosting the Discovering Our Roots. Here;s what she says:

I am considering hosting an all-Summer event. Roots by Alex Haley has been sitting on my shelf for several years now, and it’s been bugging me. What an amazing story has to be between those pages: it’s survived criticism, racial debates, Hollywood scripts, and reader’s critical eye. It’s a story of family, freedom, love, hatred, country, and inviduality. Apparently, it’s timeless.

So, my question: Is there any interest in joining me for a read-along through Haley’s classic novel?
Tentatively, I’d like to read it from May 15-August 15. Book discussions/chats, mini-events, etc. are part of the goody-bag.

Anyone want to join me?

Go let Veronika know if you are interested at Discovering Our Roots.