Sunday, October 24, 2010

Persephone Secret Santa 2010

Now through December 15, 2010

Paperback Reader is hosting the very popular Persephone Secret Santa this year. She writes:

Stacy very kindly allowed me to take the reins this year after she took a hiatus from blogging before returning under a new blog name with more relaxed blogging priorities. After the stellar job she did last year I am not changing the format but hoping to open it up to wider participation.

Participants must email Claire at on or before November 5th with your name, address (all personal information will be destroyed after completion of gift exchange), a list of Persephone titles you have read and/or own and specify whether or not you are willing to ship your gift internationally.

On November 6th-7th, names will be randomly drawn and participants will be notified as to who they are playing Santa to.

Participants should aim to have their package delivered before or during the first week of December. Take into account the extra time needed if shipping internationally or if you are going on holiday/to see family over the holidays.

On December 15th, participants will post as to who their Secret Santa is and share what he (or she) sent.

To read ALL THE GUIDELINES and to learn more about this event, visit the post about the exchange.