Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 British Book Challenge

January 1 - December 31, 2011

Becky at The Bookette is hosting The British Book Challenge. She writes:
I am delighted to announce that I am hosting the first ever British Books Challenge at The Bookette.

My thanks go to Book Chick City for inspiring this challenge with her Typically British Challenge and graciously allowing me to host my own version.

I have been somewhat nagged by a certain British blogger to organise this challenge and what can I say, in the end I buckled under the peer pressure. Thanks Sammee!

But I can see that with my promotion of all things British and especially authors, this challenge deserves a place on my blog. I hope I do it the justice it deserves!
The goal of the challenge is to read books by British writers throughout 2011.

The books can be in print or out. Old or new titles. They can be from any genre and for any age.

There are two entry categories for the challenge:

Home Grown:
This is for British bloggers who have access to many British books via their public libraries, fit-to-bursting bookshelves at home etc. The target is to read 12 novels.

International Friend
For any wonderful bloggers living overseas who wish to support British writers.
You can choose to between:
  • Winston Churchill - Read 6 books by British authors in 2011
  • The Royal Family - Read 12 books by British authors in 2011

There will also be the chance to earn yourselves a Crown if you manage to read 50 books by British writers in the year. This is open to everyone. You don't need to decide now if you are aiming to meet this target. Becky will post about this much later in 2011.

Exciting Extras
Becky has been supported and encouraged in the planning of this challenge from UK publishers (a list of them can be found on the post about the challenge)...and they have agreed to provide British bookish goodies for prize packs which can be won by the challenge entrants. There will also be BBC entrant only giveaways on The Bookette to say thank you for supporting British writers.

Becky has a lot of additional information on the post about the challenge...where you can also sign up!