Saturday, January 1, 2011

Save That Book Reading Challenge

January 1-December 31, 2011

SH is hosting the Save That Book Reading Challenge.  She writes:

Starting the summer 2010, the Children's Services department of the library where I work, started a massive weeding project of our juvenile fiction books.  We were bursting out at the seams and needed to make room.  We started recording the books we weeded.  What we developed was an ample list for a reading challenge.  Books are weeded because they are out-date or no longer read, you can save these same titles from your local library by reading them!

I think there is value in reading the backlist, reading all new books gives you a narrow view of Children's Literature.  Open up the window and read from the past!

Some details.
  1. You will select books from the ... judging a book ... blog.  Read as many as you can throughout 2011.  You'll probably have to get some of these books from your local public library.  If your library doesn't have a title on shelf, and you really want to read it, ask them to inter-library loan it.  When looking for a copy of the book you want to read, don't forget to use WorldCat... it's accesses all the library catalogs in the country! Also, if nothing catches your fancy, we are adding books to the site everyday!
  2. Blog about a book you really like.  The more people read about these books the more books we'll save from other libraries!  If you do blog about a book, please drop the link in the comment section of the book you're reviewing.
  3. I'll hold a random raffle of participants who will win withdrawn books from the last cart of books withdrawn from our Juvenile fiction section.
  4. This challenge, my first, can be combined with other reading challenges.
To join, go to Save That Book Reading Challenge.