Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Star February Challenge

February 1-28, 2011

West Virgina Red Reads is hosting the Five Star February Challenge.  She writes:

So I have been thinking about all of the great books that we read and tell people about.  I have a few go-to books I always used when asked for book recommendations; The Road, American Gods, My Sister's Keeper, The Historian.  It all depends on who is asking as to what I say.  But there are a many, many 5 star reads that I have been left behind.  So, this month I will be posting a 5 star recommendation every day. These will not be full blown reviews just a short synopsis, the reasons I loved it and who I think would enjoy it also. Come join along.

Tell me what books you love!

To join, go to the Five Star February Challenge.