Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autism Awareness Reading Challenge

April 1-31, 2011

Cynni of Uniflame Creates is hosting the Autism Awareness Reading Challenge.   She writes:

Since April is Autism Awareness month and both me and my boyfriend are autistic ourselves, I wanted to participate in making people more aware of autism. I decided to do this by hosting a reading challenge on autism.

The Rules:
- You only have to read one book that has something to do with autism.
- Sharing this post is appreciated because I would like to reach as many people as possible and hope that they will participate :)

Some recommendations:
- A Friend Like Henry by Nuala Gardner. About how a Golden Retriever changed a boy with autism.
- With the Light by Keiko Tobe. This is a very thick manga for adults that covers the challenges a family faces when their son is autistic. It also tells a bit about how this is handled in Japanese society.
- The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. An enjoyable novel with an autistic boy as narrator.

Of course there are plenty more books on the subject but these are some books that I read and enjoyed.

Mid April there will also be an autism related giveaway.

To join, go to the Autism Awareness Reading Challenge