Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Reading Challenge 2011

April 1- May 31, 2011

In My Bookshelves and Book Readers Lounge are hosting the Book Reading Challenge 2011.  They write:

What is the aim of this challenge? 
The aim of this challenge is quite simple. We want to promote reading - and we specifically want to promote reading of a genre you might not have read before.

What do you mean by a reading challenge?
By a reading challenge, we mean a challenge to yourself - challenge to read a certain number of books in a particular period of time. Here, we also give you a fixed theme.

What is your theme this year? 
For 2011, our theme is India - thus, we include books by Indians, about Indians, and about India.

Can anyone participate? 
Yes, people of all age groups, bloggers and non-bloggers may participate. We have a number of different levels to make it easier for readers of all types to enter.

To find out more and to join, go to the Book Reading Challenge 2011.