Friday, September 16, 2011

A Year In Picture Books: 2011 Challenge

January 1, 2011- December 31, 2011

I love picture books, and was collecting them long before I became an elementary librarian.  Sometimes it's the story, sometimes the illustrations, and a lot of the time it's the fun of reading them out loud to kids that makes picture books so enjoyable.  I thought it would be fun to create a reading challenge for this shorter, though just as entertaining, genre.  Picture books are a great way to share stories and the experience of reading with children.  If you're reading the books with kids, I encourage you to add their opinion of the books as well!

Challenge Details:

Timeline: 01 Jan 2011 - 31 Dec 2011

Select your level:
      Read 12 picture books
      Read 16 picture books
      Read 24 picture Books
     (You can always read more if you'd like!)

You don't have to select your books ahead of time, you can just add them as you go. If you do list your books in the beginning, you can always change them later on.  Books you choose can crossover into other challenges.

You can join anytime between now and December 1, 2011.

For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.