Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amber Read-a-Long

March 18th 2012 - April 14th,2012

Announcing the Forever Amber Read-a-Long. 
Marie and I have been wanting to read this famous historical novel by Kathleen Winsor for years and when Marie mentioned that she was finally going to read it this year, I told her I would join her.  And so, the read-a-long was born! 


  • Start reading on Sundays, discussion post will be posted on Saturdays.
  • You can do a post and leave your link in the comments, or you can just post your thoughts in the comments of the week's discussion post.
  • The last week, April 8 -14,  will be for catch-up readers and final thoughts.

Reading schedule:
  • Week One (March 18 - 24)--Prologue through Chapter 23 
  • Week Two (March 25 - 31)--Chapter 24 through Chapter 47
  • Week Three (April 1 - 7)--Chapter 48 through Chapter 69 (end)
  • Week Four (April 8 - 14)--A week for catch-up and final thoughts

For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.