Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Kind Of Mystery 2015 Reading Challenge

February 1, 2015 – February 1, 2016

Our pioneering year concludes February 28th, with a good crowd that has made me happy.  Every review has contributed to a database in my menu atop my blog.  No effort is wasted and I am excited to look ahead.  I hereby renew “My Kind Of Mystery” in 2015!

What sets us apart is any literature related to mystery ~ not solely novels.  If you enjoy true cases, are a student of investigative techniques, if there were an ‘open a detective agency for dummies’, or you like writing tips and biographies of authors:  all of these angles are included.  No matter when you join, count what you’ve read since February 1st.

Age demographics, publication year, format, length:  there are no rules!  Combine your material with any groups.  There are three other great mystery hostesses, to whom I wholeheartedly nod.  We each bring our own flair and they all supported my fledgling year.  Here’s to a fun 2015!


I love plotting creative ways to award prizes!  Winners our inaugural year enjoyed eclectic goodies:  secondhand paperbacks, Canadian postcards, even plant seeds.  Fun options for everyone internationally.  Your choice each time.  RIEDEL Fascination festivities run every couple of months.

Full Mystery Levels


Bloggers:  share why you’re keen on my group, show this link and logo, and name the level you have in mind.  No matter, if you don’t finish.  I have designed prize points that put everyone in our grande finale, for joining and linking a review!  Please do a post / page with no more than 3 other groups on it.  It mustn’t be too media-heavy for slow speed internet and you will give our circle visibility that I appreciate tremendously.

I will set up a review page after Christmas.  One or two sentences to clarify your star-rating are ample, at Amazon, Goodreads, Book Depository…  Without a blog, fill in the sign-up button with any publically-viewable website (not ‘facebook’) that lets you write and make lists.  Altnernatively, use the URL to your Goodreads profile, then share your progress via comments on any of our pages.  The review buttons are our focus the remainder of the year.

This reading challenge is hosted by Riedel Fascination. For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.