Wednesday, August 19, 2009

China Challenge

September 1, 2009-September 1, 2010

Jennie at Biblio File is hosting the China Challenge which encourages readers to learn more about China. Jennie writes:
We hear about China all the time in the news. It has one of the richest and longest literary histories in the world. It's a huge and changing country, and there are a million books out there to enjoy. In order to help us understand China, join the China Challenge!
There are several levels of participation to choose from:
  • Armchair Traveler: Read 1 book about China.
  • Fast Train to Shanghai: Read 5 books about China (1 should be a translated work of fiction by a Chinese author, or not translated if you have the language skills.) Exceptions for Chinese authors that also write in English-- their English works are fine. 1 should be nonfiction
  • Hiking the Great Wall: Read 10 books about China.1 should be a work of translated fiction. 1 should be nonfiction. Here you can read 1 book (but only 1) about Chinese immigration. So, stories of Chinese people abroad, or nonfiction about overseas Chinese communities.
  • Silk Road Trek: Same as "Hiking the Great Wall," but you also have to do (and blog about!) at least 3 of these other China-Related activities:
1. Listen to a lesson or two on Chinese Pod and learn some Mandarin
2. Check out a Chinese cookbook and make a dish that's new to you
3. Go out for Chinese food. If you can, dim sum brunch!
4. Read a blog about China
5. Listen to some Chinese music!
6. Watch a Chinese film
7. Check out a travel guide and plan a vacation to China-- it's a huge country--what cities do you want to go to and what do you want to see while there?
8. Actually take that vacation! Or a different trip to China.
9. Attend a Chinese cultural event or art exhibit in your area.

Doesn't this sound like fun??? To learn more (and get some suggestions for the challenge) and sign up, visit the post about the challenge. By the way...there are multiple options for a button too :)