Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gender Identity & Expression Challenge

January 1-December 31, 2011

Sally of Bibrary Bookslut is hosting the Gender Identity & Expression Challenge.  She writes:

To make it easy, and to encourage as many readers/bloggers as possible to participate, there will be 2 levels to the challenge:

BLUE LEVEL: Read one (1) book that deals positively with gender identity and expression.
PINK LEVEL: Read one (1) book from ANY five (5) of the categories listed below that deals positively with gender identity and expression:
Genre Fiction (Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Horror)
Young Adult (YA) Fiction

The definition of "Gender Identity & Expression" is intentionally a broad one. It can include MtF or FtM transsexuals; transvestites or cross-dressers; intersex or hermaphrodites; futanari or newhalf (crude terms, but common in erotica/manga); alternative gender models (including third genders and neuter genders); ambiguity or androgyny; or just gender role reveral. There are really no limits here, other than that there be something positive in how the subject is dealt with.

To join, go to the Gender Identity & Expression Challenge.